September 6, 2023
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Can Hedgehogs be friendly pets? Before adopting read this

Hedgehog is slowly and gradually becoming one of the favorite animals to keep as a pet in the west. A small, cute, and happy  Hedgehog is a delight to the eyes of many. When petting a content hedgehog it feels like gently stroking a hairbrush with bristles. It’s more like attempting to calm a wriggling cactus of doom than to pat a distressed hedgehog.

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That is the response to the question most people get when asked frequently when people learn about keeping hedgehogs as pets: What do they feel like? The next question is, “Can I keep Hedgehog as a pet?”

Why do I, then, keep a pet hedgehog? I initially chose to search for a pet that I could snuggle with but it didn’t make me sneeze. Now, though, it goes beyond being an allergy issue and has evolved into a nightly lesson in how to slow down, lower the lights, and generally be a little more relaxed in today’s hectic world.

Do Hedgehogs make a friendly pet?

The two common breeds of Hedgehogs are the Atelerix albiventris, an African Pygmy Hedgehog, and European Erinaceus europaeus. These two breeds are popular among Hedgehog lovers and most people prefer them as a pet. Resulting to this, these two Hedgehog breeds are domesticated the most. 

Do not forget that Hedgehogs are wild animals and they live alone in the jungle. They are typically solitary animals that have wild characteristics. This is why they take some time to warm up with strangers in the first meet-up. Keep patient and allow them to approach you first rather than you approaching them. 

Hedgehogs Care

Hedgehogs are fun animals and the best part is that you don’t have to give extra care to them. These are not delicate animals that need special care, plus these animals are adaptive to the weather. Just consistent and normal care is enough to look after their hygiene and maintenance. 

Are Hedgehogs dangerous?

Will Hedgehog bite me? Whether they shoot the spine like porcupines? The spine at the back of the Hedgehog does not shoot like porcupines but their spines are piercing enough to hurt you. Give special care when they are frightened or anxious because they become agile and attentive and try to protect themselves.  

4 Things to keep in mind before adopting Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are wild animals and which is why you need to keep a few things in your mind before adopting Hedgehogs. The followings are some of the points to note down in order to make a safe environment.

  • Hedgehogs love unusual scents

Hedgehogs respond to unique and different odors like cigarettes or turpentine or anointing. Rub this all over their body and their behavior changes completely. They start licking their body vigorously to create a smelly froth. They also spread the spine all over their quilt and become small little kittens. This behavior of them is cute. 

  • Obey their nocturnal schedule

Exotic animals are tough to manage sometimes because of their unusual and different biological circumstances. The jungle is their habitat and hence Hedgehogs sometimes create problems for their owners. Hedgehogs love to spend their daytime sleeping and sometime it might not coincide with your daily routine. Plus, they have sensitive eyes and therefore make sure to keep the lights dim around them. 

  • Find a good breeder

Similar to other animals, Hedgehogs also need a companion for breeding, and hence make sure that you take all the necessary steps to breed them. People spent years researching for the local Hedgehog community to get voluntary participation in the Internal Hedgehog Association. Before purchasing a hedgehog, it’s crucial to do your research, just as with other companion animals. Hedgehogs kept as pets typically live four to six years and weigh around a pound.

  • Hedgehogs are sensitive creatures

The quills that Hedgehogs display a wide spectrum of emotions: they are flat when he is peaceful, rise when he is doubtful, and turn into an impenetrable ball of spikes when he is afraid. He enjoys scaling his humans’ constantly shifting landscape as he climbs around them. He tries to take drawstrings, socks, and shoelaces when he’s feeling vindictive. However, he is happiest when a novel and the intriguing scent is detected by his damp twitching nose. 

Final Thoughts

The bacteria and viruses that hedgehogs can carry can also be dangerous to people who already have compromised immune systems.

Before introducing a hedgehog into your home, bear this in mind. If you do keep one as a pet, be careful to keep its enclosure and toys out of the kitchen so that you don’t contaminate your dining area.


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