September 23, 2023
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How to know your pet is overweight or not?

Not only humans but for pets also obesity or overweight is the major problem which many pet owners overlook. According to the statistics, 59% of the pets in the world are facing the problem of obesity. The most important thing pet owners ignore is the future impacts which is obesity in animals reduce their life span and your pet might get into serious illness or even die. That is why it is necessary to provide the right amount of diet. 

Similar to humans, obesity causes the health problems such as respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and many more. The best way to avoid this is by regular exercise and enough amount of meals. 

What are the common causes of obesity?

The common overweight pet symptoms are the excessive intake of diet and less physical work. If your pet is eating more than required and the energy produced is not utilized correctly then it might turn into fat. This problem is common in all animals which is why you just need to feed them enough. Plus, regular exercise and physical training are important to stay fit and healthy. There are diseases that can cause obesity such as insulinoma and hypothyroidism. The symptoms of obesity in pets are laziness, less mobility, reluctance to exercise, lethargy, and respiratory problems. 

pet obesity, obesity in animals, overweight pet symptoms, overfeeding and lack of exercise, is my cat fat, cat health issue, is my dog fat,
Causes of obesity

Furthermore, the way of living of the pet owners play the important role in keeping their pet fit and healthy. Being the owner and guardian of your pet animal make sure that you follow a balanced lifestyle to set the example and benchmark for your little friend. Some animals face emotional imbalance which also leads to obesity. Exercise and mental activities play a key role in making them healthy.

5 signs to look into to identify your pet’s obesity:

The best part of obesity in pets is that it is preventable in most cases. You just have to take the right measures. 

1. The increased body size

If your pet has grown fully and reached its adult stage then the increase in the body size is a sign of obesity. The fat does not show only on the belly but it could be stored in other body areas for instance around the base of your pet’s tail and around the spine limbs, and neck. The abdominal and waist fat is a sign of a healthy body, especially in dogs. 

2. Lack of your pet’s grooming

Most animals especially cats and dogs keep them clean by licking themselves. Therefore, if your pet dog or cat is not grooming themselves and the dirt is collecting on their body then it might be a sign of obesity. Your pet needs to be flexible to reach certain parts of their body and clean themselves.

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3. Reluctant to physical work

The lethargic and lazy pet is a sign of obesity. The body fat restricts them from pulling their body weight and makes them easily tired. They avoid running, climbing stairs, and engaging in other physical works. Note that the most important factor that encourages pets to indulge themselves in physical training is the bond between their owner. 

4. Difficulty in breathing 

Is my dog fat? The best way to find out is to check their breathing pattern. The respiratory problem denotes obesity in dogs. If your dog is panting constantly even when it has not moved then it is certain your dog is obese. The lack of energy and increase in fat compel them to heavy breathing. 

5. Weight measurement does not lie

 Whether your weighing your pet at home or at the vet the scale does not lie. Know the ideal weight of your pet and provide the proper meal to maintain that weight. 

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Note: In the case of cats the problem of obesity is common. Many cat owners ignore the cat health issues which turns into a major problem later. The above symptoms are enough to identify whether your cat is fat or not. The problems are the same in both the animal’s cats and dogs. Is my cat fat? Yes, if your pet cat is dozing off more often, sitting at the same place, moving less, and eating lots of treats.   

How to prevent it?

The first step to identifying pet obesity is to understand the problem. There are many reasons that can result in obesity including disease and emotional imbalance. If your pet is biologically and emotionally healthy then the problem might be with the diet. Overfeeding and lack of exercise is the great cause of obesity. So how to tackle it? The below preventive measures are the answer. 

1. Make your pet follow a healthy diet

 Make sure that you feed your pet organic food and cut on the fast food and treats. This only would not make your pet healthy, regular training also plays an important role in this area. The more important thing is to constrain the overfeeding problem of your pet. 

2. Regular training

pet obesity, obesity in animals, overweight pet symptoms, overfeeding and lack of exercise, is my cat fat, cat health issue, is my dog fat,
Regular training

Just like humans physical and mental exercise of animals make them healthy and happy. This challenges them to perform better in each task which releases dopamine. Do not forget to award them with a treat and acknowledge their hard work. Start with simple games like fetching the ball and puzzles. As they get more habitual to the games increase the difficulty bar. 

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3. Cut down on too many treats

Do not allow them to go berserk over treats because it is unhealthy for your pet. We are not saying that giving treats is bad but too much of anything only causes problems. So, make sure that you give them treats when necessary. Instead of junk food, you can treat them vegetables like beans and carrots.  

4. Take them to vets for a checkup

Vet treatment
Vet treatment

A health check-up is another major thing that you must look into. A proper checkup is important for your pet, it enables you to understand the current status of your pet and allows you to plan the diet according to it.   

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If your pet is overweight then there is no better time to get them into shape than now. Most importantly, before reaching the conclusion of your pet being overweight make sure that you have closely monitored your pet and understand the reason behind it. Follow the above preventive measures and you can get your little friend in shape.


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