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July 5, 2023

How would you change your house to be more pet friendly?

Pets are the friendliest creatures on earth and no human can match their level of loyalty, especially dogs. But as soon as your mind opts to pet a dog, certain insecurities come to your mind. These goofy partners need extra care and precautionary measures to stay in a house accompanied by humans. Hence, before owning these cute little partners you need to make your house pet-friendly. This will not only help them to get cozy in your space, but it is also good for you to keep your place hygienic. There are so many things that you find cozy and relaxing, but these things might cause a threat to your goofy pets. So, have a look at these important tips to make your home a cozy place for pets

List of tips to make your Home Cozy for Pets

1. Instead of Rugs and Carpets go for wooden flooring and tile walls

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Modern living introduced cozy rugs and carpets that are no doubt comforting to humans, but if we see it from the perspective of a pet we will find it a little unhygienic. Also, these soft textured rugs easily stockpile bacteria and the hair of your pets which is not good for you as well as for your pets. Also, it’s a really challenging task to clean these Exquisite carpets on your own.

Gorgeous rugs and carpets are also easy to damage by your pets, so switching to textured tiles and wooden flooring is the best alternative for your house. This is pocket friendly as well as making your house a safe place for pets. 

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2. Say no to Light Colored Upholstery

Light color Upholstery will always attract you, but you need to think twice about whether it is pet friendly or not. While you are shopping for pillow covers, curtains, or bedsheets to make your house well furnished for your puppies, always go for dark-colored fabrics. Also, it will be great if the fabric is scratch-free and machine washable to reduce your additional effort in the cleanliness of Upholstery. Sofas and furniture with faux leather covers on them are an easy alternative for a pet-friendly house. Faux leather is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb odors caused by the regular rubbing of pets. Additionally, pets furs and hairs are easily visible on light-colored pillow covers and bedsheets that don’t look good to your guests at all. 

3. How about keeping Fragile items a little high?

We as humans choose to keep things on low surfaces that we can easily access on our own, but things can literally go wrong if you are thinking of moving in with a pet. Pets need your time and attention and many times when you are busy with your daily tasks they will surely hop for the things kept low and playing. In such a scenario, keeping fragile things can harm them and can cause an increase in your repair expenses. Also, make sure to keep medicines, glass items, chemicals, vases, photo frames a little higher than usual specifically out of reach from your pets. 

4. Used cover dustbins and Trash Cans

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Dustbins are generally used for throwing leftover food, garbage, poly bags, unnecessary papers, chemicals, medicine wrappers, and other unnecessary items that we want to throw out of our house. But pets are not familiar with our thinking and they could see open dustbins and trash cans as an invitation for them. So, if you want to provide a friendly home to your pets, then using a covered dustbin is mandatory. Dustbin lids will keep your pets away from getting into the garbage. Also, if you are using open lids trash bins, then make sure to keep it inside cabinets or closets to keep it out of reach from pets. 

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5. Ensure regular cleaning for your pet’s safety.

We usually don’t bother to clean our house unless some guests are showing up or it’s our weekly off. But when a goofy pet has been already with us, it’s important to take care of the cleanliness of the house. We should Vacuum-clean our house regularly and if it is possible then do it twice for extra cleanliness. While cleaning makes sure to remove furs and hairs from a bedsheet, cushion covers, and curtains by dusting and smashing them thoroughly against the wall. If your dog or cat is shedding too much hair, then brush them often to reduce the hair fall. Also, take them outside the house while brushing so that the hair doesn’t get inside your house. 

6. Keep your house spacious

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Goofy partners love to play and they need an ample amount of space inside the house to wander and jump around. If it is not possible for you to arrange indoor space, then take your pet for a walk in a park. It’s going to keep them healthy and active.

7. Use door stoppers to avoid accidentally locking up of pet.

A pet owner can’t keep an eye on their pet all the time. Usually, pets are smart creatures and they know how to take care of themselves, but sometimes our negligence can cause them problems. While we are not at our house they can lock themselves up in a room. To avoid this situation make sure to use heavy door stoppers to avoid an automatic closing of doors.

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8. Use Blockades to ban your pets from entering the kitchen space.

The kitchen space is a private area and entering dogs in your kitchen area could be a little unhygienic for the ones who are not habitual of living with them. Hence, you should always use Blockades to restrict your pets from entering the kitchen space. Also, you can use these Blockades to keep away from large electrical appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and room heaters. 

9. Ensure concealed wiring for the utmost safety of pets. 

Pets often lick walls, curtains, and whatever they get around themselves without having a second thought that it can cause harm to their life. Hence a house with open electrical wiring can risk the life of your pet. If you literally want to make your house pet-friendly then ensure to use wiring concealer for the wires that are in the reach of your dogs. These concealed cable protectors will doesn’t harm the pet if accidentally they chew on them. 

10. Go for Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants for extra freshness 

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People love to grow indoor plants as they look luxurious and have health benefits. But placing an indoor plant that is not pet friendly can cause medical issues to your dog or cat. Pets and not used to living with plants and greenery and they often chew leaves from them. In this case, placing indoor plants that cause unease to pets is very hazardous. To make your place luxurious for pets, you can opt for pet-friendly indoor plants like Parlor Palm, Spider plants, an Areca Palm. 

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I hope that the above tips will definitely help you to make your place more pet-friendly than ever. Apart from this, timely vaccination and offering them a proper diet is also a major task that every pet owner should follow. Taking your pet for a walk in a park and letting them play with other pets help them to grow friendly behaviors towards humans.

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