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July 5, 2023

Things You Need to Know about Raising a Pet Turtle

Are you planning to keep a turtle as a pet? Talking about pets people generally think of keeping dogs or cats. Today, this general phenomenon has changed and animal lovers are preferring different animals as their pets. If you have a pet turtle or planning to get one, then get ready for the different experience altogether. Turtle makes a great pet and the best part is that their life span is much longer than other animals. 

However, we cannot deny the fact that pet turtles need extra care and maintenance for their long life span. Not to mention, the responsibility and maintenance of a turtle are just like a long-term investment in a person. Therefore, it becomes necessary to consider every aspect before keeping a turtle as a pet animal. 

Don’t worry, we have taken the burden for you and brought you the top 10 important points that you must consider before keeping a pet turtle. Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic. 

Top 7 Things to Know About Raising a Pet turtle 

1. Selecting the breed of the turtle

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There are more than 300 species of turtles and the most common species that most people prefer are red-eared slider and a box turtle. Not to mention these two species are the easiest to take care of. The name of these turtles is derived from the color of their skin. Box turtles are still not easily found in the pet store however, a red-eared slider turtle is what you will often see swimming in the tank of the store. 

The size of the adult turtles is around six inches whereas, the baby turtles are normally four inches or shorter. Some adult turtles even grow to eleven inches, so you must be ready to increase the size of the tank. Therefore, the important thing to know about turtles is their breed.  

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2. Setting up the friendly environment

We all are familiar that turtles are amphibians, they can live on land and water both. That is why it becomes necessary to build the surroundings that your little four-legged friend feels comfortable. If you have a box turtles as a pet, then keep them in damp areas because these are terrestrial animals. They love to dig the land and make their home under rock and other such areas. 

On the other hand, red-eared sliders are aquatic animals and they love a muddy and swampy land. Plus, their preferred time pass is swimming in the clean water under the bright sun. Therefore, ensure that you facilitate a tank filled with water or a small pond for your pet turtle. 

3. Providing the proper diet

This is the most important section in the list of top 7 things to know about pet turtles. Of course, the diet depends on the breed of the turtle you have but generally, turtles love to eat fish, green leaves, and insects. The comet goldfish are the choicest food for the turtles. You can also feed them dry mealworms, canned food, pelleted food. Do not get confused between tortoises and turtles. Tortoise is herbivorous and they eat 80% vegetables and 20% fruits. 

The best part is that you’re not required to feed your turtle every day, unlike other pet animals. Feeding them four to five times a week is more than enough, except for baby water turtles. A young water-breed turtle requires a proper diet every day. 

4. Health risks

Before buying the young turtle make sure that their health issues are sorted and checked. The turtles carry the risk of transmitting Salmonella to humans which can deter their health. The US Center for Disease Control does not recommend young children, old people, and pregnant ladies to adopt the young turtle. 

According to CDC, people who are adopting the turtle for the first time must consider male red-eared sliders turtles. As mentioned earlier, these species are the easiest to take care of and do not require much maintenance and attention. 

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5. Caring for your pet turtle

If you are newly exposed to the turtle world and are clueless about how to take care of them, then consider joining the tortoise club or society. These groups will help you to gather real-time information related to the pet turtle. The proper nutrition and habitat are necessary for the long and healthy life of your turtle. 

Not only your pet animal you must also take care of yourself because the owner needs to be healthy in order to keep their pet healthy and safe. Avoid washing or cleaning your pet’s utensils or other stuff in your kitchen or bathroom. Always clean your hand after feeding and taking care of your little friend. Do not cuddle or kiss them because it increases the risk of Salmonella transmission. You must consider these important points if you have turtles as pets.  

6. Little turtles also need big space

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In general, the tank of the turtle must be five times the size of the adult turtle and at least the depth of the water must be two and a half of the length of the turtle. This is the general rule of thumb and every turtle owner must comply in order to provide a healthy and long life for them. Not to forget, clean the water regularly because they love to swim in clean water. Caring for turtles is not an easy task and you must be prepared before adopting one. 

7. Turtle recognize their owners

You might don’t know this one of the amazing facts about turtles that they can recognize their owner by the sound and the sight. In fact, many owners have commented that their pet turtles start swimming in their direction after hearing the voice or seeing them. This is indeed one of the most amazing feelings for the owner when their pets recognize them and obey their orders. 

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These are the 7 most important things to note before adopting the turtle as a pet. Keeping the turtle as a pet is different from keeping a dog or cat. These species are different and so are their habitats and food preferences. In this article, we have mentioned the key points where you need to focus more on to create a healthy and happy environment for your pet friend. These are the prime things to know about your pet turtle. 

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