September 15, 2023
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Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Pet Rabbits Healthy

Looking for rabbit’s health tips, you have arrived at the right place. Let’s first accept the fact that taking care of the rabbits is a tiring and sensitive task. Your long-eared pet is soft and sensitive and needs extra care to make it healthy. In recent years, the bunny has become a popular pet animal. One needs to keep in mind that rabbits are not wild animals. You cannot treat them like dogs or cats which many people make mistakes. 

The digestive system of the bunny is complex that is why you must feed the clean and nutritious food to keep your bunny happy and healthy. Avoid feeding foods like rice, bread, potatoes, biscuits, and other fast foods. Plus, make a daily exercise routine for your little friend and keep their hutch tidy. A rabbit companion is necessary to avoid depression and sadness.      

In this article, we have 10 tips for you to make your pet bunny happy and healthy. If you have just brought a small rabbit then this article is for you.

List of  10 tips on how to make your rabbit healthy 

1. Regular medical checkup

how to keep rabbits healthy, how to make your rabbit healthy, tips to keep rabbits healthy, pets rabbits
Regular medical checkup

A proper health examination on a certain period is necessary, for example taking your rabbit to the vet (animal’s medical center) once a year. This will help you to understand the current condition of your pet and the diet will be set accordingly. The doctors first examine the mouth, teeth and then examine the internal system. 

You can ask questions about the diet and nutrition that are required for your pet. Do not forget to take advice on Encephalitozoon cuniculi infections which are commonly found in wild rabbits. This disease can also be found in pet rabbits. These are the prime reasons why we have kept medical support at the top of our list in how to keep rabbits healthy.    

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2. Up to date vaccination

how to keep rabbits healthy, how to make your rabbit healthy, tips to keep rabbits healthy, pets rabbits
Up to date vaccination

After bringing the rabbit to your home, first and foremost consult with the doctor regarding the vaccination. The vaccination is important to safeguard your pet from viral hemorrhagic and myxomatosis. Furthermore, rabbits are vulnerable to rabies and other bacterial diseases, therefore vaccination becomes necessary. Vaccination is the prime step in keeping your pet’s rabbits healthy. 

3. Provide a nutritious diet 

This is the most important topic for your pet rabbit. Without a proper diet, it is impossible to keep them disease-free. We have divided the food categories into four parts. 

  • Pellets
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Clean water 
  • Hay

The food behavior of your pet rabbit changes as they reach adolescence to adulthood (which is approx 7 months). For the young rabbit, alfalfa hay is the apt food for them. It is high in calories and protein. Do not forget to change the hay of your rabbit’s hutch daily. After the rabbit discharge. Change the hay because there is the chance of eating mold hay which will make your rabbit sick. 

Pellets are also important for the young bunny, so feed unlimited pallets to them. Fresh vegetables are delectable food for rabbits. Ensure that they drink clean water to avoid digestive or stomach problems. This is the most important section in our list of tips to keep rabbits healthy.

4. Keep your rabbits’ hutch clean

In case you keep your rabbit outside, then ensure that your bunny is in a safe and comfortable hutch. The hutch must be four ft long and two ft wide. The bottom of the hutch must be solid and at least two ft deep. A big and spacious hutch will allow your bunny to stretch its body properly. Generally, the rabbit hops three times before moving out from their hutch.  

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5. Groom your pet rabbit

how to keep rabbits healthy, how to make your rabbit healthy, tips to keep rabbits healthy, pets rabbits, rabbits health tips
Groom your pet rabbit

Bunnies generally groom themselves by brushing themselves and stretching. But that is not enough to keep them healthy. Brush their coats regularly as it prevents excessive fur fall and furball. You must use a soft brush and gently brush their fur in one direction. A short-haired bunny needs only once a week hairbrush. For a long-haired bunny, you must brush their hair daily.

6. Maintain the room temperature

Rabbits are sensitive to hot temperatures. The normal body temperature of the pet rabbit is generally between 101 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The fur fall and grow according to the external temperature, so be vigilant and try to adjust the room temperature according to the weather. The symptoms of your pet overheating include heat or sweat on top of the ear, rapid breathing, lack of energy, and a damp nose.  

7. Keep your rabbit safe and calm

how to keep rabbits healthy, how to make your rabbit healthy, tips to keep rabbits healthy, pets rabbits, rabbits health tips
Keep your rabbit safe and calm

You might not know, but bunny gets stressed easily. They are not wild animals and they know it. The loud and heavy sound can shock them easily. That is why you must keep them in a safe place and avoid doing anything sudden or irregular activities. Their night vision is just like a human being. They cannot see in pitch black, to detect the danger they use their ears and nose.

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8. Regular exercise

A rabbit health care is in your hand and a regular workout is the most important thing. They might run, jump in their hutch or play with toys all day but for a healthy body and happy soul, a regular workout plays an important role. In general, the bunny needs at least three hrs of running and roaming on a daily basis. 

9. Intellectual stimulation and playful things

Rabbits love when they are challenged or provoked. This makes them happy and playful and that is why a companion is needed for time to time intellectual stimulation. They love to hang out with their own species, so do not think that you alone will make your pet happy. Combined efforts are important to keep them happy and healthy.  

10. Spay or Neuter your pet rabbit

how to keep rabbits healthy, how to make your rabbit healthy, tips to keep rabbits healthy, pets rabbits
Spay or Neuter your pet rabbit

Rabbits are quick to mate with their counterparts. Do not think that bringing siblings will make things easy for you. When it comes to mating, rabbits are not very picky animals. So make sure that you spay or neuter your pet female rabbit to avoid any unwanted disease. 

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There are many tips and advice that animal doctors suggest to keep your pet healthy. We have included the most important tips that you must consider after adopting a pet rabbit. Rabbits are prey animals and keeping your pet rabbit safe and secure is in your hand.    


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