September 19, 2023
how to make your cat happy indoors, ways to make a cat happy, how to keep a cat from going outside

Ways to Make a Cat Happy | Tips to Make a Cat Happy Both Mentally and Physically

How make feel happy to cats every kitten parent aspire to do so. Cats do a lot to make us happy and bring joy to our lives. They tolerate our erratic schedules, inconsistent training methods, communication failures, and awkward attempts to interpret what they are trying to tell us. They seem to know that we love them and we are doing our best to help them have a happy and healthy life. Here’s a list of 10 things you can do to help keep him happy, just in case your cat care skills need a little tweaking:

Tips to Make Happy to Cats

1. Understand Their Personality

how to make your cat happy indoors, ways to make a cat happy, how to keep a cat from going outside, how to keep a single cat happy, tips to make a cat happy
Understand Their Personality

Each cat has a different personality. This becomes evident when you study your behavior patterns. You have to understand your own cat and make sure that the two of you are connected. It is called a pet-owner relationship. It is a connection that makes you understand each other, even without communicating. Pet owners know this, it is a kind of connection that is built with the time, hours, and hours of bonding.

You need to consider that cats need time alone, just like us. If you think your cat wants to be alone, let it be. Your cat will surely come back when he is feeling better. If your cat has been gone for longer than usual, it is certainly a sign that something is wrong.

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2. Set up a proper space for food tray, water bowl, and litter box

It is important to put each of these things in their proper places. For the food tray, you want to place them in the kitchen, where the food is easily accessible. Many trainers do not recommend placing the food tray near the dinner table because it drives the cat crazy to order food every time he eats. Although it may seem cute at first, it gets tiring after a while. So it is a good idea to leave the food tray a little bit away from the dining table.

3. Give the freedom to do what they want

Cats need to take care of their nails on their own. They do this by scratching them on walls and other rigid spaces. To protect your walls from the damage these scratches can cause, be sure to place the scratch space (carpet or column) in a space close to the sleeping area or walking path. You can install several of these rugs at various points in your home to ensure your cat finds them. 

4. Socialize Your Cat

Every animal needs to have social interaction between its species. Although companionship for humans should not be considered lightly, socially interacting with other cats is even better. Just be careful not to overdo these feline social interactions.  If you do so, there is a high tendency for the cat to be dependent on other cats. When this happens, your cat’s mood will be greatly influenced by other cats and this can be problematic. Social interaction with other cats about once a week is enough to keep them socially satisfied.

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5. Don’t Go Tough 

how to make your cat happy indoors, ways to make a cat happy, how to keep a cat from going outside, how to keep a single cat happy, tips to make a cat happy
Don’t Go Tough

Every cat has strange behaviour that can sometimes cause frustration among its owners. Find out why your cat does certain things that you find strange because it is important. When you find the cause of the problem, treat it accordingly and wisely. When disciplining your cat it is important to make the right move. Punishing your cat often has a negative effect, as it can make him feel insecure and afraid.

Therefore, deciding whether or not to have a pet should be taken very seriously. Never buy or adopt a pet just on impulse, think about it carefully because every life is precious. You must do what you can to ensure that your pet receives the care it deserves.

6. Be Parents, not Owner

Kittens that are taken from mothers before 16 weeks are more likely to develop behavioural problems later in life. In nature, we observe that kittens are on their own when they are 4 months old. The main reason is that cats need to feel their mothers’ company to prepare to live on their own. Letting the kitten grow up with the mother before taking it away will reduce the chance that it will develop any behavioral problems. After taking them, you must consider yourself your new parents. You should always be available to them, especially when they need your care

 7. Spaying / Neutering Your Cat

Overpopulation of cats is quickly becoming a problem in many cities. Wherever you go, you can see stray cats and their number only seems to increase over time. What you can do to help control the feline population is to spay or neuter your cat. This will make them unable to breed, thus decreasing the potential number of stray cats in the future.

Another benefit of sterilizing your cat is that it helps to reduce the risk of getting a fatal disease in cats, such as the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or feline leukemia virus (FLV). Ideally, sterilization should be done at a young age (around 8 weeks), just before reaching sexual maturity.

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8. Visit Vet Regularly

Regular visits to the vet are necessary to ensure that your cat is free of disease. Veterinary visits are usually done for vaccination, deworming (recommended 4 times a year) and regular screening for any parasites, such as fleas, ticks, or lice.

For certain breeds of cats, special screening may also be recommended depending on the breed. There are many breeds that require regular checkups and more vaccinations than your normal cat. It can be said that owning a particular breed of cat is more expensive than owning a normal cat. Regardless of the breed, a regular veterinarian check-up is necessary to maintain the cat’s proper health.

9. Allow Your Cat to Hunt 

Cats are natural predators in the wild. Included in your basic instinct is the need to hunt or chase your prey. Allowing them to hunt or play, they live according to their natural instinct.  Both mentally and physically this will keep them healthy. Boredom can lead to behavioural and weight problems. Try to introduce new activities to your cat to make him physically and mentally active. A happy cat is a healthy cat.

You can even encourage your cat to hunt. But make sure you don’t overdo it. You don’t want your cat to bring dead animals to your door every time he leaves. To avoid this, introduce other fun activities, such as fetching, playing ball, and even jumping in the box. Cats are simple creatures that only need simple stimuli to keep them in the best mental condition.

10. Take Extra Care

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Take Extra Care

Although it is not possible to keep an eye on your cat all the time, it would be of great help if you were attentive when you are together. It is also important to keep an eye on your mood, as this can say a lot about your mental condition. If they look tired and weak, you can assume that something bad has happened to them – it’s very simple, actually.  Each cat has a special place that he loves to go to whenever he wants. When you know your cat’s favorite place, you know the first place to look when it disappears. Usually, their favourite places would be spaces near the windows, where they could observe their surroundings. This is also a great place to see other cats in the neighbourhood

What I recommend is to investigate your cat and find out the real cause of his wrong behaviour. Never punish your cat without knowing the real cause. This can make the situation worse and can often lead to a phobia. When it comes to this, it is best to seek help from an animal behaviour specialist.

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Most of these tips on how to make cats happy are simple and easy to apply. However, many pet owners stop using this information to keep their pets healthy. Having a pet is not just about taking care of it physically. Keeping your pet healthy means keeping your mental, social, and physical health in check when you can. Having a pet is a big responsibility. 


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