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July 5, 2023

Top 6 ways to keep your cats skin shiny and healthy

How do you feel when you touch a cat’s fur? Soft and fluffy right?! But not always cat’s fur shiny and healthy. Once in a while cat’s fur can lose its shine and become dull. According to some reports, there are around 130,000 hairs per square inch in coats of cats. These fur are important to protect the cat’s body and could do many things which are mentioned below. 

  • This fur protects the cat’s body from heat, cold, wind, and rain.
  • They help cats produce vital nutrients such as Vitamin D.
  • They provide sensory data to cats.
  • You can increase these nutrients with some of the best supplements for cat fur. 

It is common for cats to lose the shine of their fur once in a while and hence care is necessary to keep their coat healthy. In this article, we have listed the reason behind an unhealthy cat coat and how you can cure it. So without further ado, let’s straight to the topic of how to make cat fur shiny and healthy

Why your cat’s coat isn’t shiny?

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My cat’s coat is dull? Every cat breed could’ve its own time to lose the shine of its coat and there are a lot of reasons that can lead your cat’s coat to this situation. The coat can become flaky and dry ultimately making it dull. The following are the reasons that can make your cat’s fur dull and unhealthy. 

Weight problem

According to the report, almost 57% of cats in the U.S. are overweight or fat. As we have already mentioned before that when a cat licks their body it gives them vitamin D. Since being overweight restricts them from reaching every part of its body and the fur of that part of the body can become dull. 

Poor nutrition

Your cat needs a diet with a decent balance of carbs, proteins, and fats just like you need for healthy hair, skin, and body. Like you, your cat could become deficient in essential minerals and vitamins if all it consumes is inferior food that is harder to digest. 

Bathing your cat too often: To control the foil fleas or dander many people bathe their cats. And not once or twice a month but many times which causes a bedraggled coat. Cats do not need bathing that much because they keep themselves clean by licking themselves. 

Age: Old age is not only a human problem but an animal too. When cats get too old they lose their flexibility and hence could not reach every part of their body. They cannot turn and twist their body as they want. Therefore, age could be one of the reasons why your cat’s shiny coat could become dull. 

How to make your cat’s coat healthy and shiny

Cats are by nature great caretakers of themselves in many ways. That being said, they also need our care to keep themselves happy and healthy. There are many ways to keep your cat happy. If you are noticing a dry and flaky coat in your cat then the following tips will help you.

Deal with overweight or fat

First and foremost, keep your cat healthy just like yourself. It is one of the common health issues of your cat. important that your take in nutritious food because bad health could increase the risk of heart attack, diabetes, cancer, increased blood pressure, and osteoarthritis. Do you see dandruff at the center of your cat’s body? It is a sign that your cat can’t reach there because of obesity. 

Boost nutrition for a healthy coat

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Compared to dogs, cats require far more protein, as well as complex carbs and good fats, to maintain a healthy physique and glossy coat. a low-fat diet or one that consists primarily of uninspired, subpar meals.

What to feed my cat for a shiny coat? You can also try adding fatty acids, such as those found in salmon or other fish oils, to your cat’s food in the hunt for a glossy coat. Plotnick said it will take four to six weeks to see benefits. Before beginning any supplement, consult your veterinarian first.

Help your older cat clean its body

Your cat might be fit and slim like an otter but it has gotten old, hence could not clean it on its own. Being a sincere pet owner, it is your duty to clean their coat timely. Plus, brush your senior cat’s coat daily to get back healthy and shiny fur.  

Skip bathing part

We have already mentioned earlier that too much bathing might cause skin problems for your cat. Avoid bathing them too often because they can keep themselves clean. Plus, all the nutrition they give to their coat by licking, water will wash that away. Therefore, if you are bathing your cat to control dander, you aren’t helping your cat much. 

Check with your vet 

Always consult your veterinarian before altering your cat’s diet, giving it supplements, or making any other significant changes to your cat’s lifestyle.

A dull coat and dry skin could be symptoms of an illness, parasite, or allergy. However, it might also be something more serious, such as issues with the thyroid, adrenals, liver, or kidneys. Home cures could actually make the issue worse or postpone therapy.

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