May 21, 2023
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Top 10 Ways to Make Your Pet Home Friendly

You need to remember that certain things that are not threats to humans can still be dangerous to animals as you start the process of keeping your home safe for your pets. If you have any pet whether it is a dog or cat, you know that they can get into just as much trouble as kids. Except for any other pets dogs and cats are naturally curious. They may go overboard around your home, and you do not want them to get into anything that could harm them. That means you have to try to keep your home as pet friendly as possible. 

There are plenty of safety tips you can follow to protect your pet, as well as ways you can keep your home clean even with pets. For example, some plants can be dangerous to animals, so if a cat eats a lily, its kidneys can shut down. As a homeowner, you need to do some research to find out what is really dangerous for your pet. Instead of being aware of what is dangerous for them, you can only keep everything accessible. Here are some useful tips to make your home more pet friendly that your pets stay safe and healthy:

Essential Tips to Make Your Home More Pet Friendly

1. Use Childproof Latches

pet-friendly wall covering, pet-safe home, pet-friendly wall paint, pet-friendly decorating, dog friendly house designs, pet-friendly house
Use Childproof Latches

On kitchen and bathroom cupboards always use childproof latches. This will prevent animals from getting to foods and chemicals that can cause them harm.

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2. Store Items on High shelves

Keep medications, cleaners, and other chemicals on high shelves, so they still won’t be able to get the dangerous stuff because the childproof latches don’t keep your pets out.

3. Always Cover the Garbage

Store garbage in a cabinet, closet, or outdoors if possible keep garbage cans covered. With a collection of old food, dangerous chemicals, and small indigestible pieces of trash Garbage cans are usually filled that can all be harmful to your animals.

4. Use Blockades

Your pet may get trapped behind large units and overheat. Put up blockades to prevent this, so like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, or air conditioning units, they can’t get behind appliances.

5. Keep Your Food Items Out of Reach

pet-friendly wall covering, pet-safe home, pet-friendly wall paint, pet-friendly decorating, dog friendly house designs
Keep Your Food Items Out of Reach

Make sure food is reached or behind a closed door. Dogs and cats have problems with food, and wrapping can be a choking hazard. It is best if you keep all food when they cannot find it.

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6. Always Shut the Toilet Lid

To prevent small animals from drowning keep the toilet lid down. It is dangerous to allow your pet to drink from the bowl, as it exposes them to all sorts of harmful chemicals.

7. Avoid Dangling Wires

Try to remove dangling wires from lamps, gaming systems, televisions, stereos, or anything like this. Chewing on any wires can hurt animals.

8. Hide Breakable or Chewable Items

Be careful about placing knitwear, picture frames, vases or other dangerous items on low shelves where your cat or dog can find them. Smaller or broken goods should be kept higher than your pet can reach.

9. Don’t Have Dangerous House Plants

Be aware of plants that may be dangerous to an animal, and try not to bring them into the house. Common houseplants that are really dangerous to animals are Lilies, Azaleas, Oleander, Tulips, Yew, Chrysanthemum and English Ivy, among many others. Be sure to research whether your houseplants are hazardous to love animals.

10. Strings and Threads

pet-friendly wall covering, pet-safe home, pet-friendly wall paint, pet-friendly decorating, dog friendly house designs
Strings and Threads

Make sure all threads and twine are safely removed. In general, sewing rooms can be very dangerous for pets. A cat can easily choke on some thread while playing with it. Needles are also a major threat to animals.

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11. Laundry and Shoes

Keep your laundry and shoes in closets or proper bins, so your pets can’t eat them. Not only can a pet ruin your clothes, but small pieces like buttons and zippers can be choking hazards.

12. Closet and Chest Traps

Be careful not to lock your cat or dog in closets, chests or drawers. You wouldn’t want to trap them without food and water! Make sure all cabinets are animal-free before you close the doors.

13. Rugs and Claws

Choose rugs that are resistant to stains, such as indoor and outdoor rugs, as well as ones that do not have high loops. Cats, in particular, can hang their claws and hurt themselves.Not only do you need to make sure your home is a pet friendly, but you also need to know about what you should be allowing your dog and cat to do. Positively or negatively reinforcing your pet’s behavior can protect your belongings as well as your own health and safety. Here are some ways you can entertain your blond friend so that they chew or scratch what they are supposed to do:

14. Healthy Chew Toys

Make sure dogs have a few things, especially puppies, that they can chew. They may contain durable toys, claws, snacks or other chewing snacks that support dogs. It’s important to remember that some of these items can be a choking hazard, such as some rope toys, so make sure to research before you leave your pet with them.

15. Scratchpads

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Give your cats something they can scratch. You may have noticed some new marks on your sofa, trim, or even carpet. Try to set up scraping posts in the areas you frequent.

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What’s very important is that you create a space that will allow your pet to feel comfortable and safe whether your new pet is young or old. The tips to keep your home pet-friendly will help you carve out a special place in your home for the new member.  But what you should be more worried about is allocating space for your pet to rest. 


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