February 8, 2023
What to Do After A Dog Bite

What to Do After A Dog Bite?

Living with a pet makes many guardians forget about the pet’s natural instincts, and even the calmer dog can end up biting a person for feeling threatened. Less sociable dogs feel extremely threatened by the presence of strangers and they do not know how to differentiate adults from children, let alone have the notion of their own strength. It is common for children who have been bitten by domestic animals because the little ones have not learned to respect the space and the limits of the animal. But this can be a worrying situation depending on the size and breed of the animal. Large breeds consequently have more strength, and even joking can cause serious injuries.

How to Proceed in case of Bites

It is very important to know how to administer first aid in cases like this. The first step is to wash the wound immediately with soap and water, in case of bleeding use a clean cloth to press the wound and stop the bleeding, finally going to the hospital.

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But is it really necessary to go to the hospital for a bite? The answer is yes, especially if you know nothing about the dog’s vaccination history. There are many diseases that can be contracted from a bite. But calm down, with the right procedures everything will be fine.

Basically, there are three types of bites: no puncture (scratches only without bleeding), bite with a puncture (with bleeding, the wound is subject to infection), and lastly, bite that causes laceration or crushing.

In the latter case, besides presenting risks of infection, it can also cause serious injuries and fractures.

If someone is bitten by a dog and the animal lives in a residence, its caregivers can tell which vaccines the dog has taken, the situation is simpler. This makes it easier to eliminate some possible diseases.

In case of a bite by stray dogs, it is a little more worrying, because the animal can contain several diseases. In this case, if possible, it is important to take the animal to a veterinarian so that he can find out what diseases the animal has.

It is noteworthy that the canine bite can happen regardless of the breed of the animal. And there is no breed more dangerous than the other, canine aggression will depend a lot on the breeding of the animal and the training he has received throughout his life.

Yes, there are breeds that are little or very sociable, so it is important to know your pet’s temperament and avoid subjecting your pet to stressful situations.

Canine Bite Dangers – Infections and Diseases

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In dogs’ saliva, it is possible to find over 60 different types of bacteria, which can cause serious infections. Symptoms of wound infection begin to manifest within the first 24 hours, such as swelling, pain, fever, pus discharge, even skin necrosis.

In this case, you need to go to the hospital urgently, so that the infection does not lead to more serious problems, such as a generalized infection.

In some cases, where the risk of infection is higher, it is necessary to leave the wound open for healing to occur naturally. Suturing some wounds may increase the risk of infection.

When we talk about animal bites one of the main concerns is the transmission of rabies, which can lead to death. The disease is transmitted through canine saliva. This is why dog vaccination is so important.

Fortunately, due to owners’ awareness and animal vaccination campaigns, there are rare cases of rabies transmission in Brazil.

How to Avoid Dog Bites?

Caution needs to be redoubled when we talk about children close to dogs, even domestic animals. By carelessness, the child may end up hurting the animal and he will react with a bite, especially when the animal is not living with the child.

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On the other hand, some races are more protective than others, especially with children.

Another important point is knowing how to respect the animal’s routine, such as the feeding time. Some dogs are extremely possessive of their toys, utensils (food and water containers), or even their own owners.

Tutors should also pay attention to safety measures when they receive visitors or take the pet for a walk, such as wearing collars and guides.

For some large dogs with greater physical strength, it is even mandatory (in some places) to use a hanger and muzzle. This is a safety measure for both people and animals that can fight each other.

The Myth of the Dangerous Race

It is true that the large size and physical strength of some races can be quite intimidating, but are they really born dangerous? This is a topic that divides opinions.

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Some breeds like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans suffer from this prejudice. Of course, when dealing with large animals we need to adopt special security measures. Several factors influence the temperament of the animal, the rearing since puppy is one of them. Many breeders of Pitbull dogs claim that the animal gets along very well with children. But in some cases, they exhibit extremely protective behavior with their owners and may pose risks to strangers.

However, the risk of bites is present with any breed, but it is clear that small dogs will not do the same damage as large dogs simply because of their physical strength. Just like humans, dogs also have different temperaments. How to proceed in the case of dogs with aggressive temperaments? Seeking specialized training is a solution.


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