September 28, 2023
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Why do Irish Wolfhounds make such wonderful pets?

Don’t go on the size the Irish wolfhound is the noblest, kind, sweet, and intelligent dog breed in the world. This is one of the tallest breeds of all, standing almost 80cms tall. The evolution from the hunting wolves to the calm and composed wolfhounds is what makes it one of the most friendly and loyal Irish wolfhound pets. This breed is profoundly known as the gentle giant due to its large size and kind nature. 

The first sight of these Irish wolfhounds might be intimidating but once you adopt them as a pet you will get to know their character and behavior. They don’t bark often which is why they are not considered great watchdogs. Given the size and weight of the Irish wolfhounds, they do not need extensive exercise. 

So, what are the prime factors that make Irish hounds great pets? Some common factors make it a great pet we have listed in this article. 


The Irish Wolfhound has the biggest heart given the fact that they are animals. They are sensitive, gentle, easygoing, and noble. These personality traits make them great family pets. Plus, their calm and quiet nature make them a great pet for children. The long legs make them the fastest running dogs among all breeds.

When kept inside the house they will act like the most well-disciplined wolfhounds ever. But once you take them out for a walk they act all wild and try to chase other animals. Do not forget that they are hunting animals and which is why you must train them nicely. Obedience is a must to keep them disciplined. Make sure that they abide by your orders and rules.  

Given the fact that they have served in the world war the kind and gentle behavior is the prime example of their evolution. The long walks and of course treats will make them happy. They restrain themselves from any physical work or exercise when they are sick or when they just feel too lazy. 


irish wolfhound, irish wolfhound pets, irish wolfhound puppies, wolfhound dog, irish hound, the irish wolfhound

The outer appearance is intimidating because of their length and weight. The size of this wolfhound dog stands at least 2 ft, 5 inches tall. The weight of the normal wolfhound is almost 102 pounds. The thick and furry coat helps them to protect their skin from the harsh Irish climate. The fur above the eyes and below the jaw make it prominent as their sensitive skin may damage in the harsh Irish climate. 

The color of the fur varies from region to region. There are many colors and patterns that Irish wolfhounds are recognized from like blue, grey, silver, white, wheaten, and brindle. They shed constantly throughout the year however the amount of shedding is not too much like other double coat dogs. Unlike other breeds, Irish hounds do not have a heavy shedding season. 

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We have already discussed their sweet nature however discipline lessons are a must. Despite their long hunting history, the Irish wolfhound pet has a calm and composure attitude. Most importantly, they are social animals which automatically makes them great pet animals. The most exhilarating moments for them are walking outdoors and playing with the children. 

These breeds require large space because of their size. They need enough space to stretch their legs and arms. Not all Irish wolfhounds do not have to be social. So start from the Irish wolfhound puppies, train them properly so that they obey your orders even after they mature.   

Properly socially trained wolfhounds will ensure the safety and security of the families and children. Plus, they will get along with the other pets easily as the large animals tend to intimidate the small animals. Note, you must not allow your children to sit on the back of the Irish wolfhounds. They hate it.

Living needs

Okay, we need to understand that Irish wolfhounds need their own space to sleep or just lay down. Given the immense size of the hound, if you are planning to purchase a separate dog house it should be big. But the dog house would not do justice and so the ideal house for the Irish wolfhound is a fenced yard with ample indoor space. 

These dogs thrive in the company of their owner and it is best to keep them near to you most of the time. Do not keep them away or alone for a long period because they might lose their affection towards you. This also concludes that not everyone can keep an Irish wolfhound as a pet. They are best suited for experienced dog owners who can handle the energy of the dog.  


The skin of Irish wolfhounds is sensitive which is why thick and double coat covers are important. It protects from the severe cold weather in Irish. The fur constantly sheds throughout the year but not like other double coat dog breeds. It is unlikely for this dog breed to lose its jacket. To reduce the shedding, brush your Irish wolfhound once in seven days. This will keep their fur protected and reduce the risk of excessive hair fall. 

And about the shower, they do not need many showers because of their wired texture. They keep themselves pretty clean most of the time. However, at the time of bathing, you must put them in an enormous bathtub so that you can easily wash them. 

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irish wolfhound pets, irish wolfhound puppies, wolfhound dog, irish hound, the irish wolfhound

The Irish wolfhounds are one of the largest dog breeds and the medical problems of these breeds are also different. The life expectancy of Irish hounds is just 7 years. The health problem that these breeds go through is the same as other breeds. Some of the most common medical problems in Irish hounds are elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia. According to The Irish Wolfhound Club of America, the authority breed club recommends testing for the eye problem as well as heart test. Plus from the start, the owner of the dog must know the symptoms of pneumonia, different malignant growths, liver shunt, and coronary illness.

Also, be vigilant to the skin problems in these breeds. Due to the double coat, it becomes difficult to identify this problem. But if your dog is itching too much or licking the same part of its body make sure that you take quick action. The swelling of the body is a great problem as it also results in the dog’s demise. It’s essential to know the indications of swell and to look for crisis clinical consideration on the off chance that you accept your canine is languishing.

In this article, we have mentioned all the basic points that make the Irish wolfhounds great pets. We have considered different aspects to define their traits and personalities. Plus, we have added the requirements that must be taken care of when you owned an Irish hound. These breeds are indeed calm and noble but you cannot overlook their hunting history. They are born hunters however, after centuries of evolution their behavior and traits are suitable to keep them as a pet.   


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