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July 5, 2023

Why Do my Cats Knock Things Over?

It happens many times to cat owners that their favorite coffee mug is knocked down by the cat, and you can’t help it. Actually, cats are known for knocking items off shelves and counters. They do such things for many reasons, and here you will get to know all the common reasons why cats keep pushing things off tables. 

A short internet search will show you numerous videos and comic strips that are enough to tell you that it is quite a common behavior in cats and they do this just to shatter stuff. This can be frustrating for anyone who owns a cat. If you are a cat owner and are unable to find out why your cat keeps knocking things off the table or shelves, then this blog will help you to know the precise reason behind this behavior:

Reasons Why Your Cat Knocks Things Over:

  • He is bored and It’s fun to knock things down

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It’s common behavior in playful cats that they may knock objects over just for fun. They know that you will definitely run to save the item from falling, and this behavior of yours provokes them to nudge things repeatedly. 

The only way to keep items safe from being knocked over is to keep them out of reach of the felines. Instead, you can provide them with attractive toys to keep them engaged.

Also, try to ignore the breaking voice, as your cats know it’s the only way to get your attention, and if you avoid paying attention to such breaking voices, then your cat might stop knocking things over after a while. 

  • Felines find the blaring sound fascinating

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Different things sound differently when knocked over from a height, and this sound might frustrate you if you keep listening to them repeatedly. But for felines, it’s actually fascinating. Yes, they love to hear the breaking sound of glass, vases, and all your favorite breakable items. 

If you do not want to hear such a sound even in your dreams, then make sure to keep breakable items at a safe distance from felines.

  •  He thinks it might be “prey.”

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Prey instinct plays a significant role in cats’ innate hunting behavior. They want to know what’s behind the pen holder or under the paperweight, and this makes them knock things down from the table. Cats think that there could be some mouse hidden behind the thing, so their curiosity provokes them to knock the thing down.

Your cat is smart enough to distinguish between a real mouse and the paperweight you left out for it, but its natural hunting instincts are stronger than its better judgment. Even if your cat has never seen a mouse in its life, it still has a natural desire to hunt.

It’s an inherited behavior in cats, and you can do anything with it. The only thing you can do is to keep your belongings at a distance so that the cat can’t reach them. 

  • They want your attention

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>Cats are wonderful companions and very social animals, and they love to be pampered. Any cat owner is already aware of the situation when they are busy with their office work on a laptop and the cat suddenly hops over them to sit on their lap. 

If you own a cat, then it is entirely your responsibility to take care of its needs. Feeding them on time, taking them on walks, and assisting them to poo or pee are common things that you need to take care of. Also, make sure to pay proper attention to them; otherwise, they knew how to get it.

  • Probably he gets a Hunting Instinct

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Probably he gets a Hunting Instinct

Even an indoor cat can have a hunting instinct due to the way they knock it down to check whether it can harm them or not. They drop things to check whether the pen is viable prey item or not by banging it around your desk. Cats will also use their paws in addition to their noses to examine their surroundings. So, even things that have nothing in common with a mouse or bug may get a quick poke from your cat.

  • He has an innate curiosity to explore

Hunting and ambushing prey are two of a cat’s favorite activities. When out hunting, they are able to use their natural tendencies toward inquisitiveness and caution to determine what is and is not safe to pursue.

They are excellent detectives because of their innate ability to analyze, test, and learn about new things. It is impossible for a cat to “be a cat” without its paw, which it uses to scratch, feel, knead, and slowly move things that catch its attention. 

  • He wants to play with you

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I am not saying that cats are calm in nature, but they only do weird things to get the attention of their owner. If you do not pay attention to them, they will keep looking for ways to gain your attention. They can either do that by scratching your furniture or by breaking your favorite vase or coffee mug. 

You can follow these easy >tips to keep off your cat from scratching your furniture, but it’s hard to protect your expensive belongings from getting knocked down. Also, you can >keep your cat engaged in some fun games that will reduce your stress a lot. 

Additionally, provide them with attractive >toys and games to keep the cat happy physically as well as mentally. They can pounce, chase, catch, and scratch them without causing you financial loss. 

Apart from this, the cat also gets anxious and angry when >humans do something that they hate the most. In such conditions, it’s better to train your cat to be more social and friendly with other pets. 

Tips to make your home pet-proof:

>Making your home pet-friendly is the most daunting task for every pet owner. You have to think out of the box and compromise with your choices to make your house fit for your pet too. If you are planning to own a pet soon then it is quite important for you to know some tips to create a friendly environment for your pet at home. Otherwise, you will keep protecting your things and the pet will keep destroying them. 

  1. Sometimes, your cat might tip over things that could be harmful to them like sharp objects, glass vases and sharp shelf edges. Any of these things that might harm your cat should be tried to be removed. 
  2. Indoor plants can also cause severe health issues as many of them are poisonous. The best way to prevent your pet from tipping over houseplants is to put them in solid containers.
  3. Keep breakable items far from the reach of your cat. You can also keep your cat on lease to conserve their area to roam around the house while you are busy with your office work. 
  4. Try not to retaliate in any way when your cat accidentally knocks anything over, as was previously mentioned. Don’t draw attention to the behavior in any way. Though it might be challenging, keep reminding yourself to do this. It could be wise to pick it up later, when she isn’t present. 
  5. However, if the object is hazardous and needs to be picked up right away, do so quietly and without looking at your cat. Try picking up while facing away from her.

Even though you might not be able to completely stop your cat from doing this, you might be able to make it happen less often. Please do not be afraid to ask your veterinarian any questions you may have about behavior.

I hope now you know how to keep your expensive belongings safe from getting knocked down. Also, you can follow the above-mentioned tips to >make your house pet-friendly and provide your furry friend with a chance to roam around freely. 

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