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July 5, 2023

Why dogs get Aggressive? | Best Toys for Aggressive Dogs

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. Their ancestors were wolves who lived in packs. When humans began to domesticate them, they became much less wild and more dependent on their human masters. As a result, dogs developed strong bonds with their owners and learned to trust them. However, aggressiveness is a> common sign of stress in dogs and it is hereditary in them. 

Dogs usually get aggressive when they do not get enough exercise or social interaction. Apart from this, there could be numerous reasons for which a dog gets aggressive but if you don’t want them to destroy your furniture in aggression then it’s better to know the reason behind their aggression and bring them some dog toys for entertainment. He may become bored and frustrated which is why he is getting aggressive. 

Common reasons for aggression in dogs and recommended treatments:

1. Don’t left them alone get bored

toys for Aggressive Dogs dog aggression most aggressive dog aggressive dog training aggressive dogs

Aggression could be normal behavior in dogs. But sometimes, it gets out of control and turns into a habit. One of the most common causes why dogs become aggressive is boredom. A dog’s brain develops at different rates than a human’s. So, when a dog is left alone for long periods of time, he begins to feel anxious and agitated. He might start barking or biting things just to keep himself busy. If your dog keeps barking at nothing then you can opt for some >effective tips to stop dog barking in seconds.

2. They need training

Another major cause of aggression in dogs is a lack of training. Many dogs do not know how to behave around strangers. They don’t understand what the owner is expecting from them and even though they may obey their owner, they still act aggressively towards other people.

3. Don’t Punish

Never punish your dog for acting aggressively. Punishing him only makes him more aggressive. Instead, you need to teach him how to behave properly. Aggressive dog training is necessary and only the owner can train them to stay relaxed while meeting with someone new. Owners also needs to teach them basic commands like sit, stay, down, and come.

4. Reward often

Reward him more for good deeds and whenever he obeys your commands. Rewarding a dogs is the most common way to deal with aggression in them. Also, make sure to spend some quality time with them playing, exercising and walking in the park. These activities will help him learn good manners and develop a positive attitude towards people.

5. Consult a dog trainer 

Many times a dog gets aggression from their ancestors and to avoid this you need to select wisely >what dog breed you should own. If your dog continues to show aggression towards people, then you should need to consult a professional trainer. Only a dog trainer would help to understand the mental situation of dogs, identify the root cause and provide effective solutions to fix dogs’ aggression.

How can I stop my dog from chewing things in aggression?

1. Distract them by creating a loud noise 

You can try using a loud noise to get their attention away from the object they’re chewing. A dog’s hearing is much sharper than ours, so if you make enough noise, chances are he’ll hear it and move his head around to find out where the sound came from. If you don’t want to use noise, you could try getting them to focus on something else instead. Try distracting them with food treats, toys, or playtime.

2. Keep them in a crate while working

Keeping dogs in crates while you are busy with your household chores or office work is the most effective way to protect your stuff from getting chewed in aggression. Also, provide them with some chewing toys so that they don’t keep barking when they are in the crate.

3. Train them what to chew

aggressive dogs dog toys puppy toys kong toys good toys for dogs

If your dog is just starting to chew on objects in aggression, then you may need to start training him not to do it. Start by giving him a treat whenever he doesn’t chew on something, then gradually decrease the amount of time between each bite. Eventually, you should only give him a reward when he stops chewing on something without having to ask him first.

4. Keep them on Leashes

good toys for dogs indestructible dog toys

Keeping a dog on a Leash is one of the best ways to keep them in control and get them off fluffy things in your house. Also, try to keep the leash as short as it can be so that the dog can reach your favorite furniture. 

If your dog still keeps on chewing even after trying these methods, you may need to take him to a vet. He may have some kind of oral disease or injury that requires medical treatment.

Best Toys for Aggressive Dogs:

As we already mentioned above aggression is a common habit in dogs and they will do it out of their habit no matter how much or how many times you have trained them. So, it’s better to be on the safer side and provide them with some chewable toys instead of keeping them in a crate or leash all the time. Here are some useful chewable toys for dogs that your canine would really be going to love. These are even suitable for the Rough Collies which are the most aggressive dog breed of all time. 

1. Kong toys

Kong toys are great for aggressive dogs who love to chew and destroy things. They’re made out of soft rubber, and they won’t hurt their teeth if they bite down on them. These toys are safe and durable, and they don’t have sharp edges or hard plastic parts that could harm them. They’re also great for training purposes. Dogs can even play tug-of-war with these kong toys and show their aggression.

2. Nylabone chews

most aggressive dog aggressive dog training aggressive dogs dog toys

Nylabone chews are designed to help dogs learn proper chewing habits. They’re made out of natural materials like beef hide and chicken feet, and they come in different sizes and shapes.

3. Rawhide bones

most aggressive dog, good toys for dogs

Rawhide bones are similar to dog biscuits, only they’re bigger and harder than regular dog treats. They’re perfect for larger breeds who need something stronger to gnaw on.

4. Chew sticks

indestructible dog toys, aggressive dogs

Chew sticks are great for aggressive dogs because they provide them with exercise while giving them something to chew on. They’re made out of natural materials like rawhide, and they’re safe enough for even the biggest breeds.

5. Goughnuts Busters

These rubber rings come under the indestructible dog toy category, and you can give them to your dog to chew on or play with. They are highly durable and do not get damaged even after your dog chews them with the aggression of 100 pounds. This product is very useful for the “extreme aggressive chewers” and prevents your dog from repeatedly chewing at the same location, which would otherwise cause wear. 

Final thoughts: 

Aggression in dogs is often seen because it is a typical personality trait. Anxiety manifests itself in a variety of ways in dogs, and aggression is a common symptom. But with the above tips, you would be able to know why your dog is getting aggressive. Also, the mentioned puppy toys would help your dogs to spit out their aggression without harming your beautiful furniture set.

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