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July 5, 2023

why rabbit show aggression and How can I handle it?

Words like “adorable,” “cute,” “cuddly,” “docile,” and “friendly” come to our minds immediately when we see a rabbit, but not always. Rabbits can also get aggressive and show aggressive behavior. They can bite, hurt, or even attack you in anger. All of this might surprise you, but yes, it is true that rabbits also show aggressive behavior like humans and other animals.

If you are planning to introduce a rabbit to your family for the first time but don’t know about the basics, then this blog is for you only. In this blog, we will tell you the main reason why rabbits show aggression and also share some tips to handle an aggressive rabbit.

aggressive rabbit, aggressive bunny ,signs of aggression in rabbits

Like human companions, rabbits do have glumpy attitudes and they throw a lot of tantrums that of course, their owners have to handle. If your rabbit is showing any sign of aggression, then it’s better to understand and cure it before it’s too late.

Common reasons for aggression in rabbits:

There are many reasons why a rabbit might show aggression. Some rabbits are naturally aggressive, while others may become aggressive if they feel threatened or scared. Apart from this, they may also become aggressive if they are not spayed or neutered, which can lead to hormones causing them to act aggressively.

Usually, Male rabbits are known to be very dominant and they’re known to be aggressive. This can be seen when they are playing with their female companions. Male rabbits are also known to mark their territory by spraying urine. However, Female rabbits get very aggressive when they are pregnant.

Here are few reasons that better make you understand why your cute little bunny is aggressive:

1. They are scared or threatened:

This is the most obvious reason for aggression in bunnies. If your bunny is angry, then there might be something around that can harm him. 

rabbit aggression toward other rabbits,why rabbit show aggression

2. They are not spayed or neutered:

It’s already recommended by veterinarians to spay or neuter rabbits, but if you haven’t done it yet it’s possible that your rabbit might be aggressive due to hormonal changes.

3. When they are stored in excessive heat

Rabbits are usually bred for their meat. As such, they are naturally aggressive and territorial. This is why they may start to get aggressive when they are confined in a small space or you leave them in an area exposed to direct heat. 

4. Seeing someone new in their area

Rabbit aggression toward other rabbits is quite common and they get very aggressive when they see someone new in their area. So, if your bunny is aggressive then you might be pampering someone and they are not liking it at all.

aggressive rabbit, aggressive bunny ,signs of aggression in rabbits

5. They might be hungry.

Another reason for aggressive bunnies is an empty stomach. Rabbits are quite sensitive creatures, and you need to >feed them frequently with healthy food as compared to other pets. If you fail to do so, they will chew up things placed around them out of aggression. So, it is recommended to leave their bowls filled if you are going out for a long time. You can also check out the >tips to keep your pet rabbits healthy.

aggressive rabbit, aggressive bunny ,signs of aggression in rabbits

6. They might be feel cornered or trapped.

If you are noticing that your rabbit is getting aggressive, it might be because there is not having enough space in their cage to move. This behavior is called “rabbit cage aggression.” You can try to make sure that there is enough space for the rabbit to move around.

Like their wild ancestors, domesticated rabbits usually prefer to talk with their bodies, showing clear signs of being aggressive. So, if you really want to handle your aggressive bunny, you have to know the signs of aggression in rabbits and gradually earn the rabbit’s trust over time. Below we have mentioned the tips to handle the aggression in rabbit. 

How do I handle my rabbit’s aggression?

If you are experiencing aggression from your rabbit, there are a few things you can do to help diffuse the situation. 

aggressive rabbit, aggressive bunny ,signs of aggression in rabbits

First of all, try to identify what may be causing the aggression in bunnies. This may include things like biting, jumping, or lunging. Additionally, check if there is a new person or animal in the home? Have you been handling them more than usual? Once you know what is causing the aggression, you can take steps to fix the problem.

Once you know what is the cause of aggression in rabbits, you can begin to work on modifying the behavior. For example, if your rabbit is biting you, try to avoid being bitten yourself. If your rabbit is jumping, try to calm them down by talking to them softly or giving them a treat. If your rabbit is lunging, try to keep them in one spot by using a baby gate or fence.         

  • If your rabbit is acting out because they are feeling threatened, try to remove whatever is causing the threat.
  • Take your rabbit to a veterinarian, if your rabbit is in pain of reacting wierd. In case you are adopting a rabbit for the first time then you might be not aware of the common health consitions in rabbit. Here is the list of >10 very common health issues and problems in your rabbit for which you might need to consult a vet.
  • Offering your rabbit treats, petting them, and speaking to them in a calm voice if they are in aggression due to stress. If the aggression continues, you may need to consult with a professional animal behaviorist.
  • If your rabbit feels territorial, make sure they have plenty of space to retreat to when they need it. This could be a private area in their cage or a designated spot in the house where they can go to be alone. Additionally, you can try to provide more toys and chewable objects for your rabbit to keep them occupied. This will help to calm them down and prevent them from becoming aggressive.
  • If your rabbit is feeling anxious or stressed, try to provide them with a calm and safe environment. Make sure their cage is in a quiet area of the house where the temperature is low, and provide them with hiding spots and plenty of toys. You may also want to consider using a pheromone diffuser to help relax your rabbit.

I hope the above points will help you to know the exact reason behind an angry rabbit‘s behavior and also help you to handle their aggression. If you are going to bring a rabbit home for the first time, check out the >rabbit care tips to handle them effortlessly.

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